Teach Team Year End Reflection

wall of excellence – another year of progress

Our project is designed to reflect on Riverside’s past, as well as recognize and inspire the future. We want to create a space in the school to recognize Riverside students who have demonstrated exemplary actions in the community. We have been consulting with staff, admin and students to make sure that our project is reflective of the entire Rapids community.

The criteria for applicants took us longer than expected this year, as well as definitions of what truly makes an honourable Rapid. Although the process may have been slow, we are proud to say that the criteria we now have has been created by the Riverside community – and reflective of Riverside culture.

This year, we learned a lot about the consultation process that any successful project needs. We learned about the pros and cons in creating a community project – as well as the time it takes to truly make sure everyone has a fair amount of input. We were definitely able to strengthen our communications skills.

I think the Wall of Excellence will create a space for Riverside students to be inspired both academically and socially. It will honour those who have proven positive impact, as well as inspire students to become better people.

If I were to change a part of the project to make it more desirable, I would make sure that the graphics and programs are designed very well for this wall. Its gotta be something people truly want to look at.

To integrate our project as well possible, we’d need to make sure that the culture is well reflected, and the wall is properly promoted. In doing so, the project will provide an exciting addition to our building.