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Microbits: worth the hype?

While experimenting with Microbits, I used the Microbit itself, as well as a mini-fan as a part of the Microbit Kit.

While playing around with some of the code and seeing the other accessories available for the Microbit, it was apparent that the Microbit is truly a powerful device to experiment with coding, or to develop complex coding through a simple module.

I myself, wanted to experiment with some of the sensors on the microbit. I was pleased to discover that the Microbit had light and temperature sensors, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an accelerometer and a compass.

I wanted to focus on these features of the Microbit as I believe that they will be the most powerful in the classroom – receiving data that will end up as a digital reaction. I myself focused on the accelerometer feature – testing what it could do.

I coded a die, with the Microbit displaying a number between 1-6 when shaken. Although the concept was easy, the versatility of the Microbit is what makes it great. Teachers can create interactive devices to use in the classroom when deciding to select random students, or create TGTs that are based on selecting a random number.








Overall, the Microbit is worth most of the hype it gets from teachers. The versatility of the device allows for unlimited creativity – and the device itself is a great introduction to coding for beginners or intermediate users.

I would certainly use the Microbit in projects for school. The ease of use makes it something that can be implemented in project: just like how I’ve implemented WordPress sites into many of my projects at Riverside.