The Tide is turning, and it’s changing the way you’ll receive your detergent.

Check out CBC’s story on big retailers testing reusable packaging to replace throwaway plastic in Canada.

Recently, retail giants Unilever, Nestle and Procter and Gamble have announced pilot programs with emerging company TerraCycle to replace disposable packaging with their new system aimed at cleaning and reusing premium product packaging.

CBC’s article immediately grabbed my attention after seeing that corporations are finally adapting to the urgent need to reduce their excessive disposable packaging. Although concerns still remain for the online pilot program taking place in Toronto, the initial action seems to finally show that corporations are addressing the urgent issue.

Arguments still exist on the sustainability of the practice, including the fossil fuels required to manufacture and transport these new containers.

Currently, according to Ocean Wise only 5% of global plastics are being recycled – pinpointing an urgent need for alternatives in the retail industry.

The author, Ross Marowits from the Canadian Press uses insightful writing to connect modern day issues with solutions from the past. “The system is akin to the old milkman delivery service that was ubiquitous in the 1950s and 1960s.” states Marowits, comparing TerraCycle’s new program with ideas that have previously existed. Marowits goes on to expand the perspective on what other companies are similarly doing to address our climate issue, including airlines and fast-food chains’ commitments.

Retail giants’ new commitments with TerraCycle’s program will be a new face for an old system put on a larger scale. Following other giants in the food and retail industry, companies have put forward new plans to reduce their disposable waste footprint in our environment. This is following new voices and concerns from consumers for more sustainable choices in their marketplace – including youth from across the globe on Climate Strikes standing in solidarity with Greta Thunberg.