Social Media Can Be Evil. Here’s Why.

social media is evil. here’s why:

1. I wanted to target young people. This was made clear with attractive colours, apps that young people would have on their phones, as well as upbeat music to go along with the attention-grabbing title.

2. My message was to clearly show the disadvantages to social media in our world. By providing examples, as well as statistics to back myself up, I believe that the message would be comprehended by the viewer fairly easily.

3. I want the viewer to understand that social media is not all the glory they may perceive it as. I want them to understand that social media has its’ place in the world, but has many downfalls yet to be unconfronted.

4. The viewer can solve the problem by taking a hard look at their social media usage. It’s all about personal control in the digital world – and I want the viewer to understand that social media can be used as a tool – but far too many still use it against themselves.

5. This issue is important to the public because of the supporting statistics. Young people are following for misleading public influences, and social media is fueling anxiety, depression and addiction with people of all ages. The public needs to know how to effectively use social media, and the public perspective needs to change.


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