Passion In Action

Since Science 10 when I began my inquiry into single use plastics’ and their effects on our environment, there couldn’t have possibly been more that I could have learned.

This project linked my interests of media arts and the outdoors to something bigger. I first developed an informative website to try and send the message that plastics aren’t the best choice we have, aimed at Riverside students.

Since then, I joined the MVST circle in August and I have been a part of the inquiry group Healthy Oceans, researching intriguing topics covering disruption, pollution, self consciousness, societal habits and environmental impacts of plastic usage and it’s role in our local communities.

After attending several Leadership Clinics hosted my Metro Vancouver, (the host of this course), we were then assigned to design our own day. This began as an imaginary day, something that would never exist outside of our computers – until we got notice that funding had come in for our clinic proposals to come to life. Since then, our group of other youth from across Metro Vancouver, David, Josephine, Joy and Gerric, have all worked together to design our proposal to the best it could be.

Our final product was one that represented our interests, questions, passions and knowledge through a leadership clinic.

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Exploring Ecological Sustainability

After a week filled with knowledge and place-based education at Metro Vancouver’s Sustainability Toolbox 2018, the exploration of sustainability in our communities and the connection between money, people and nature have been brought up in engaging conversations regarding our current challenge against tackling ecologically damaging habits.

Our inquiry focus group discussing our ocean health initiative with our teacher-mentor Wendi.

Through collaboration between youth across Metro Vancouver and dedicated teachers from various School Districts, the success and failure stories of schools’ ecological initiatives have been shared, as well as common problems in our larger communities.

I’ve been able to put forward my perspective and curiosity on plastic disruption, to our larger topic of ocean health – along side interests of others in our inquiry focus group bringing up intriguing knowledge on our various ecosystems.

Metro Vancouver’s Head Office