Semester Reflection

Over the past semester, our Wall of Excellence team has been working hard to bring our project to life. In early 2019 we were working to finalize crucial details in the application details. We consulted with staff, admin and provided opportunities for stakeholders within our school to provide their thoughts and input throughout a few lunches.

This year, we were able to bring forward the momentum set from early 2019 right into fall, along with new members in our group. We developed more of the physical component of our project, and again presented our ideas to staff and admin – ensuring the whole process is as open and representative of the Rapids community as possible.

Some of the challenges we faced were tied with scheduling, as many of the members of our team are engaged in a diverse range of other activities and projects – limiting our ability to meet. We made due, however, meeting through various lunches and scheduling before-school meetings.

Looking forward, COVID-19’s impact on our school year will determine the work we are able to get through. We have launched the nomination form for the 2020 Wall of Excellence Award – but we will see where it goes.