Our Oceans are Rising, and so are the Youth

Check out CNN’s article by Harmeet Kaur and Madison Park on the climate strikes taking part across the globe, here.

The surprisingly controversial climate strikes have grabbed global attention after Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist began skipping school every Friday and sitting outside of the Swedish parliament to protest the lack of action from politicians and global industries to reduce their impacts on our ecosystems.

Since then, her protests have inspired thousands of young people around the world, with climate strikes held in over 120 countries and 2000 cities, including Vancouver.

Her actions have not only brought out young people from across the world, with a spokesperson for UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, recently came out saying that striking “increases teachers’ workloads” and “wastes lesson time.” Many more adults are also against the students’ actions, claiming that students are simply finding new excuses to skip school.

This article addressed the social transformation of how we perceive ecological issues, and the changing social values of today’s young people. The author uses very informative and descriptive writing that’s rich in vocabulary, explaining and breaking down the more complex terms and reports. Whenever the authors refer to a report, they break it down into simpler terms to help the average reader understand the context and varying perspectives on the climate strikes.

As one of the largest environmental protests in history take part on March 15, 2019, the world will see and hear the voices of a generation rising up whether they stand by them or not.

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