Math10 week#10

This week I learned about the how to solve the trinomials and a perfect square. And I learned the easy way to solve the problem. First you need to look if they have anything in common. Second if there is any different of square. Third if the pattern is right for example: x^2+x+#. Fourth if there an easy one that you can solved on your head. and the last one if there the ugly ones that is have two variables on it.

And this week I learned how to solved a trinomials using the claw. sometime you have to look for the likes term so you can solve it easily.

for this one this is not right because you cant force the number that there not alike and you cat expand it more this one is more like a ugly ones.

This one is better than the other one and this one is correct because you can collect the like term and its more easy that you can solve it on your head.

Math10 week9

This week I learned how to solved a conjugates
Conjugates means there all the same but the sigh is the only one that there not in common the other side is + sigh and the other side is – sigh for example:

Math#10 week 8

This week i learned how to solved a algebra tile diagram in polynomials.
The one that is shaded is positive and the one that is not shaded is negative.