Desmos Portrait 2018

For this assignnment, when I was figuring out what equations to use, I looked back on what types of equations would create what shape, and I followed the patterns that would help me create my desired shape. First I started by creating my head, and then the rest of my body. These were the easier steps and I made it fairly quickly. Then when I was creating my facial features, it got a lot harder. The equations had to be more complex, and I tried my hardest to figure them out, but whenever I wasn’t able to figure it out, I asked my classmates, and if they also did not know, then I researched what would create the shape I wanted. I had a few aha moments, and it was when I finally figured out how to create the circles that I needed for my eyes. I was trying to figure it out, but both my eyes would end up too big or too small and both centred on the y axis. I did not want this, and so I kept changing the equations, and finally figured it out. I mostly used trial and error, as a strategy, because often the shapes would be slightly off where i wanted them to be positioned, and so I would change a few of the numbers, until I got what I wanted. This assignment definitly helped my further understand relations and functions and graphs, and it was a fun activity to help me get a better understanding.


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