A Fantastic Time Calls For A Fabulous Feast

A Fantastic Time Calls For A Fabulous Feast

When you walk up to the Red Lobster, your jaw drops. The huge elegant glass doors draw you in as you walk along the curved, stone path. The smell of the freshly baked garlic biscuits, fresh out of the oven, overwhelm your nostrils. Once through the doors, you can faintly hear a soft splashing of a waterfall and the muffled calls of the chefs. The friendly, sociable host welcomes you and takes you to your table. Once seated, a cheerful and lively waiter brings over drinks and makes small talk, while you decide on your dish. Lying on the table are plush linen napkins that slip through your fingers, and the chilly, fizzing drink refreshes your taste buds. While you’re waiting for your food, there is calming classical music playing, and beautiful large oil paintings of succulent dishes overflowing with food. The simple wooden chairs and a large oak table makes the painting pop out of the walls. In the corner is a large aquarium with lobsters crawling over each other. The splashing of the water gives a peaceful vibe. The small ceramic vases filled with bright flowers, creates a vibrant contrast against the plain tables. The food arrives within minutes which allowed enough time to chat with family and friends and then to feast on your grand meal. The meals are pricey, but the dishes come with an abundance of food. The buttery, garlic biscuits overflow the plate, and the flaming red lobster is served with a thick, creamy soup. Ranging from $12.99 to $26.99, the meals fill your belly until you can’t eat any more.

The Red Lobster is the perfect place for a special occasion. The massive dishes, the simple but beautiful decor, the peaceful atmosphere, and the perfectly timed service, makes for a great time.

Picture citing: https://www.redlobster.ca/menus/dinner/ultimate-feast

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