Socials Movie Pitch

By Joel and Ruben

Final Movie Pitch

Ruben sent in his organizer on his blog.


Joels Movie Pitch Organizer:

Here are the videos for the Movie Pitch.





























Meiosis Stop Motion Video project

This is our Meiosis Stop Motion video project. Our group (Joel, Mike, Morgan) worked together quite well, other than a few challenges we had on deciding how much to make the cell move between each picture. We worked together, to use our time as wisely as possible, so that we could be able to produce our best quality work. We could have made, many improvements to make our video better. Such as: we used many of the same materials, because we had troubles comunicating with each other, and who was responsible for bringing what. We were able to finish our project with some time to spare, because of all our hard work in  school, and outside of school. This project challenged us to work together, and to be able to discover the skills and good character traits, that would be a help to creating this project. We have thouroughly discussed, our project with our group members and have decided that we were happy with our process, and the outcome.