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English 10: Friday October 2nd, 2015

Good Morning!

Yesterday we had a reading comprehension quiz…today we are starting a new story called “The Metaphor”. Also, due to the Terry Fox Run, today’s class is shorter.

“The Metaphor”
-can be found in the short story folder on sharepoint. We will read this story aloud and discuss.
-when we finish the story, two things we will work on:

*short story summary (also found in the short story folder on sharepoint)
*Venn Diagram: we will work on this during class on Monday. The question for the venn diagram:
“Compare and contrast Charlotte’s mother and Miss Hancock and their influence on Charlotte.”

English 10: Tuesday September 29th, 2015

Good Morning!

-Yesterday we read “Forgiveness in Families”
*short story summary –go over
This Story explores issues such as sibling rivalry, jealousy, conformity and spiritual beliefs. Choose one issue and write about its importance in the story.

We will be working on this during class time. Please refer to the following in the writing folder on sharepoint:

-paragraph writing template
-incorporating quotes

English 10: Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

Good Morning!

-Yesterday we worked on the short story “The Chaser”.  We will start today by discussing and going over the questions from the worksheet “The Chaser worksheet” found on sharepoint.

-We are going to start a new short story today: “Harrison Bergeron”. We will read this story aloud as a class.

-Reflection/Discussion Question:  Discuss your ideas for a perfect society. Is it possible to create such a society?

*write down your thought on the above question …be prepared to share your thoughts with the class.

-We will complete a “Short Story Summary” for this short story (found in the short story folder on sharepoint).

-We will watch the movie “2081” which is an adaptation of this short story.  After we watch the movie, we will create a 3 way venn diagram (the third part will be added after:)