Wednesday February 20th, 2024

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a good long weekend!

*Spirit Week/Real Acts of Kindness:  clean up.  We will have to take the posters down and ensure there is no sticky notes left on floors etc….I’m ok if they are still on lockers or on the mirrors in bathrooms!

*Themed Lunches:  where are we at?  When are these events happening and do we need to update/add to instagram/my school day app/morning announcements.

*Relays:  building Teamwork

a)  you will be split into groups of 6.

b) each group will be designing a ‘relay’ for at least 2 other teams to complete.

c)  Explore and use materials from under the counter by the windows.

d) write clear instructions

e) have at least 2 other teams compete using the relay race your group has designed…

f) Have fun!

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