Wednesday November 29th, 2023

Good Afternoon!

*Advocacy and Giving:  Yesterday, you brainstormed topics, issues, causes that you could advocate…

Candy Cane Grams:  group of students to the maker space to make ‘gift cards’ with Ms. Henderson…this is the design phase.  We want a variety of gift tags to attach to candy canes.

Name of person giving this to:

Class/teacher/room # in Period 3


Who it is from: (and they don’t have to fill this in as it can be a secret admirer:))

*Spirit Group:  How are you making out and what is the plan?  Do you need support?

*Holiday Hampers (poster)

poster should have the following: …and don’t make it christmas theme –should be universal –snowman/santa ok –just nothing religious….Holiday Hampers (title), Support local families, non perishable foods, toiletries, and unwrapped gifts, Period 2 (starting now!)

*Themed lunches:  December planning!  Let’s get our December activities figured out.


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