Tuesday October 3rd, 2023

Good Afternoon,

If you still want volunteer hours…

The Canadian University Event on Oct.4th from 6-8pm in the Gym.

Please see links below to sign up.​


*Theme/Spirit Week:  Ideas –any more we can add to our list?

*Once a Week Lunch:  Ideas that we can do during lunches and who will take ownership.

Today’s Plan:

  1.  Working on new Project “Leadership Spotlight”.
  2. Updating Calendar (in Hall) -there are some materials on side desk
  3. Terry Fox Lunch Activity (below):  ensuring this activity goes smoothly
  4. Best Buddies:  who would like to take ownership of this weeks Best Buddy Activities?

The above 1-4 –you will have time to work on and some people may be working on various things to get everything done!

  1.  Leadership Spotlight

*Calendar updates:  We need to update our calendars

*Terry Fox Grade Winner:  Thursday October 5th, 2023

  1.  We need announcements written so that students know that Mr. Giles will be Dressed up.
  2. We need to arrange to have Ms. Durand Bring costumes in on Wednesday October 4th.  We will return these to her on Thursday October 5th.
  3. We could make a poster for the foyer announcing Grade 11 as the winner for the most funds raised.
  4. Plan for the activity:  how will Mr. Giles get dressed up? students chosen?  …plan out this lunch activity.


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