Thursday September 28th, 2023

Good Afternoon,

The Canadian University Event on Oct.4th from 6-8pm in the Gym.

If you have Leadership students/Athletic Leadership students or any other students who would like to help Ms. Johal and Ms. David that would be great.

The link and QR code is on the Career Website under Volunteer opportunities and I will be posting on IG and announcement soon.

Please see links below to sign up.​ ​

*Truth and Reconciliation Assembly:

-Make sure you either wear an orange shirt or wear your green shirt with the button you made in the makerspace.

-chairs set up  (check how many we need):  approximately 9 chairs (Graydon and Oliver)

-podium from Ms. Chin’s room:  Carys and Sarah

-Diego and Veronica do call down announcements

-bottles of water for guests (8)  From Tony?  Water needs to be placed right beside the chairs.

-greeters to greet guests and guide to gym (V’ni Dansi and Mama Pearl) or take to staff room if they are early:  Charlie, Connor, Ava d., Shyla, and Ava T.

*Looking ahead to October:  What should we plan and what usually occurs in October?! Spirit Week (dress up:  Daily Themes)

*Best Buddies

*Mr. Angl is visiting our class today

  1.  You should all have your questions ready to go to better get to know our Buddies
  2. Two Activities:  Adela and Ava G.
  3. Groups are on the white board and we will rotate every 20 minutes.

*Theme/Spirit Week:  Ideas

*Last night, you were to come up with one activity that could end off the week on the Friday at lunch.  We will share out these activities and choose one!

*Once a Week Lunch:  Ideas that we can do during lunches and who will take ownership.

*Calendar updates:  We need to update our calendars

*Terry Fox Grade Winner:  Thursday October 5th, 2023

close call but GRADE 11’s!!!

  1.  We need announcements written so that students know that Mr. Giles will be Dressed up.
  2. We need to arrange to have Ms. Durand Bring costumes in on Wednesday October 4th.  We will return these to her on Thursday October 5th.
  3. We could make a poster for the foyer announcing Grade 11 as the winner for the most funds raised.
  4. Plan for the activity:  how will Mr. Giles get dressed up? students chosen?  …plan out this lunch activity.


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