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Friday March 4th, 2022

Good Afternoon!

Reminder:  Short Story Test on Monday March 7th.

We will be working on our Indigenous Exploration Assignment (COL)

Thursday (yesteday):  Mr. Barazzuol  came into our class to give lesson/explanation of assignment.

Friday:  Ms. Henderson –Library –Research Skills  (we will not be doing a Friday Write this week)

First Nations Research

Monday:  Short Story Test/Graphic Comic Assignment Due

Tuesday:  Research

Wednesday/Thursday: Microphones/Recording of our podcasts

Friday:  Reflection and Core Competency Reflection/Podcast Due

Here is the project:



Friday March 4th, 2022

Good Morning!

*Short Story Test: Monday March 7th


Short Story Test:  Section A:  Terms and Definitions (5)  Section B:  Short Story Techniques (2) (give a definition and an example from any of the stories we read) for example “external conflict”   Section C:  Point of view (2) (a pretty obvious quote will be given to you and you will name the story and point of view   Section D:  Character identification (names of  characters from stories we studied and you state if dynamic, round, static, flat etc.   (5 of these))  Section E:  Significance of titles (explain the significance of 2 titles of a short stories we studied.) Section F:  Quotations:  Two Quotes –state the story it is from and its significance Section G:  3 short answers  Section H:  Multiple choice (10)

Friday Writes:

*The art of story telling

Topics for this week:

1) A time when you realized that you were wrong about other people

2) The day when you realized that the world is bigger than you had thought

*Short Story Test:   You have time to review/study