Friday June 11th, 2021


Morning Class:

*Silent Reading


*Literature Circle Discussions

*Tic Tac Toe Project

*Wednesday Writes/No Red Ink (if you have not completd).


Online Class:

*Novel Tic Tac Toe Project

*Wednesday Writes:  Best Copy as well as Reflections:  Due Thursday June 10th

*No Red Ink


Afternoon Class:

Reminders:  Poetry Test on Monday June 14th.

Part A –poetic devices and matching

Part B: poetic devices multiple choice

Part C: Short Answers on the poems we read in class
Part D: Iampic/trochaic –and number of feet
Part E: two sight poems you have never read before with multiple choice questions
Part F: sight poem with a paragraph. The test is out of 50…. I hope this helps !

*Silent Reading

*Literature Circle Discussions


*This lesson is about learning rhythm and scansion.  It is usually a harder topic to learn.  It is regarding how to learn iambic pentameter or trochaic tetrameter for example.

“Casey at the Bat”:  please read the poem on the first link.  After you read the poem, you can watch the two attached cartoons below.  After, you can work on the questions attached to the poem on the first link.  The second link is an additional resource.




*If time, Tic Tac Toe Novel Assignment


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