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Tuesday April 13th, 2021

Good Afternoon,

*Head’s Up:  Poetry Test Wednesday  April 14th.  Please study the following…

-poetry terms (this should be review)

-rhythm and meter

-Poems: Because I Could Not Stop for Death, My Mistress’ Eyes, Shall I Compare Thee, I Hear America Singing, I Too Sing America, This is America, What Do I Remember of the Evacuation, Caged Bird, Walking on Both Sides of an Invisible Border.

-The test is a mix of  fill in the response, short answer, multiple choice, synthesis questions and a paragraph.

-There will be a ‘sight poem’ one that we have not studied in class.  This poem will have multiple choice questions and a paragraph response (so you may want to look at the paragraph writing template as a refresher…)

Silent Reading;  20 minutes

Novel Study:

*Thinking about our Novels

  1.  Blue Paper:  Write “I wonder” statements for your novels.  What are some ideas or messages that you wonder about from reading your novel?
  2. Pink Paper:  Write “I learned” statements.  What are some things…facts or otherwise about your novel, history or other that you have learned.
  3. Yellow Paper:  Write “I connected” statements.  What are some ways that you have connected the novel you are reading to your own life, other books/stories etc. you have read, or the world at large?
  4. Purple Paper:  Write the title of your novel down and a “Theme Statement” to represent your novel.


Time to Work:

  1.  Novel Inquiry Project
  2. Late and/or missing assignments