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Monday March 1st, 2021

Good Afternoon,

Short Story Test: Thursday March 4th  (A-L)  and Friday March 5th (M-Z)

What to prepare:

Stories on Test:

1)Identities                              2)  Long Long After School

3) A Teachers’ Rewards         4) The Most Dangerous Game

5) The Waltz                             6) Borders

7) Dave Cooks a Turkey

-know your prose fiction terms  and how to apply terms to the short stories

-Short Answers including synthesis questions between the stories

-1 new story with multiple choice and a paragraph (so review the paragraph template).


*”Dave Cooks a Turkey”: audio


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In groups, look for devices and humour used in Stuart MacLean’s “Dave Cooks a Turkey”.  On office 365 or whatever you may choose, find examples of humour throughout the short story.  What techniques did Maclean use to create humour?



*Short Story Mind Map:  a tool to help you  prepare for the test…


Online Learners (M-Z)

*prepare for the short story test on Friday

*ensure your Wednesday Write is uploaded by tomorrow (Tuesday) Night.

*No Red Ink…

Monday March 1st, 2021

Good Morning!

*Head’s Up:  reminder that you will have a test at the end of the week…

*We will finish reading our short story “Queen of the North”.

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Of Mice and Men:  Chapter 3…what happened?

Getting into character writing activity:  ( I Shoulda Done It Myself…) Later on in the chapter, Candy expresses remorse for allowing someone else to shoot his dog. Re-write this scene (beginning on page 48), but instead of Carlson taking the dog outside, have Candy do it instead.

As Candy is leading his dog outside consider the following questions in your response:  What would be going through Candy’s mind? How would he act? What would he say? How would he do it?  Be sure to address all of these details in your version of this scene. Try to maintain the same writing style as the author.