Tuesday February 2nd, 2021

Good Morning!

Welcome to English Studies 12 Honours!  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and getting to better know you!

*Getting to know me and you activity:  10 Questions!  You can ask me any question to try to get to know me better….

…getting to know you better….

*English Studies 12 Course Outline

What is Acceptance?  Write down a definition of this term on the piece of paper provided. We will share our thoughts on what this means.  This is a concept I want you to think about over the next two months in our class….

The Great Gatsby:  This can be found under ‘files’ on Teams. 

What is the American Dream vs.  What is the Canadian Dream?

*Art Reflects Life: Art forms reflect what is happening in real life…discussion….

The Great Gatsby:  Chapter 1

-The Roaring 20’s

-Prohibition in the United States

-Character Traits:  Brainstorm traits to describe characters….what traits describe Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan?



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