Monday January 11th, 2021

Good Afternoon!

*Silent Reading (15-20 minutes)

*Poetry:  I Hear America Singing/I Too American Sing/This is America

I would like you to create a 3-Way Venn Diagram for these three poems.  These will be done on paper and placed on the back bulletin board.  You can do these on your own or in a group of 2-3.


Novel Study:

*Thinking about our Novels

  1.  Blue Paper:  Write “I wonder” statements for your novels.  What are some ideas or messages that you wonder about from reading your novel?
  2. Pink Paper:  Write “I learned” statements.  What are some things…facts or otherwise about your novel, history or other that you have learned.
  3. Yellow Paper:  Write “I connected” statements.  What are some ways that you have connected the novel you are reading to your own life, other books/stories etc. you have read, or the world at large?
  4. Purple Paper:  Write the title of your novel down and a “Theme Statement” to represent your novel.

*Please prepare your role for tomorrow’s Literature Circle Discussion

*Background Information Infograph Assignment:  you will have time to get together as a group to work on this…

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