Wednesday September 30th, 2020

Good Afternoon!

Please join me at 12:15 pm for a class Teams Meeting.  Here is the link:

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

No Red Ink: building Compound and Complex Sentences 5-7/Active and Passive Voice.

Wednesday Writes:

*The art of story telling

1) A time when you realized that you were wrong about other people

2) The day when you realized that the world is bigger than you had thought

Please work on the list below:

  1. Venn Diagram/chart on Harrison Bergeron and the movie 2081 by Tuesday Sept. 29th…now late …please make sure it is in…
  2. Short Story Graphic Organizer on “Harrison Bergeron” (by Tuesday September 29th)…now late…please make sure it is in…
  3. Sam the Athlete Paragraph (good copy) keep working on this!  (it is due in on Tuesday September 29th.)…now late…please make sure it is in…
  4. Upload “House” short story summary to Teams.
  5. Wednesday Writes:  Ridiculous situation or a childhood experience DRAFT uploaded to Teams by Tuesday September 29th….now late…please make sure it is in…
  6. Short Story Summary for “Forgiveness in Families”
  7. “Tell Tale Heart” work pack…



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