Thursday September 24th

Good Afternoon,

*Reminder:  We will have a short story terms quiz on Monday September 28th

*Kahoot on terms?

1.Peer Edit Review for our Paragraphs on “Sam the Athlete”.

2. Short Story Graphic Organizer for “Harrison Bergeron”

3.Venn Diagram (or chart) for “Harrison Bergeron” and “2081

4.Sam the Athlete Paragraph (good copy)


For my online learners (M-Z)

We already discussed what you would work on so this is taken directly from my white board…

  1.  Peer edit Review (by Thursday some time)
  2. Venn Diagram/chart on Harrison Bergeron and the movie 2081 by Tuesday Sept. 29th.
  3. Short Story Graphic Organizer on “Harrison Bergeron” (by Tuesday September 29th.
  4. Short story terms quiz (will be on Tuesday September 29th.)
  5. Same the Athlete Paragraph (good copy) keep working on this!  (it is due in on Tuesday September 29th.)
  6. Upload “House” short story summary to Teams.

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