Daily Archives: June 8, 2020

Monday June 8th 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

*Please follow along with your Connections Based Inquiry Novel and please pay close attention to deadlines.  It is imperative that you get things in on time so that I can mark and start to get report cards ready (as the office needs these…so please do not push the deadlines back  –especially the final project date of Monday June 15th.

Please also ensure you do log into our Teams meetings…the links are all on the previous post.

A Block:  Tuesday at 9am

C Block:  Monday at 11:30 am

D Block:  Monday at 12:35

*LATE WORK:  Any late work needs to come in ASAP.  The deadline I have for any late work including Friday Writes is Thursday June 11th.  I need time to mark these assignments and add them into MYED for reporting purposes…and most of these assignments at that point would be at least two weeks late.