Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Good Afternoon,

*Good Copy of your essay is due today: Tuesday October 22nd, 2019

Question: Compare and/or contrast Charlotte’s mother and Ms. Hancock and how they influence Charlotte

    1. Post your essay to your Edublog Tag:


*I would also like you to bring in a paper copy of the essay

Yesterday, we started to go through “Analyzing Poetry” as applied to your own song that you will choose.

  1.  Choose a song that you enjoy listening to –both in terms of its sound but also its lyrics.  Your songs lyrics must be appropriate.
  2. You will go through the seven steps on the “Analyzing Poetry” sheet: 
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  3. You will be posting this on Edublog: song video (embed from youtube)
  4. Embed your seven step analysis
  5. Tag:


* “Building Understanding”:   you worked on an activity where you chose your own song then you analyzed it.  You must have chosen the song you did as it may have some meaning for you.  You are now to complete a “Building Understanding” for the song you chose connecting it to our inquiry theme.

*Core Competency:  on the essay/process for “The Metaphor”.

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