Daily Archives: May 2, 2019

Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Good Afternoon,

*Reminder:  You will have a quiz on business letters Friday.

*We will continue to read our novel “Takedown”.

*Kahoot: business letters

*Complaint Letter:  These should be completed and printed and ready to hand in!

*Letters of Request:  These should be almost done and ready to hand in!

*Provincial Exam Practice Letter



*We will take a look at Visual Designs on the provincial exam

provincial exam sample

August 2013 Answer Key

We will be looking at the answer key above for provincial exams as the rubrics for how you will be assessed are on this document.


Thursday May 2nd, 2019

Good Morning!

Yesterday we started looking and choosing our novels for Literature Circles.

*Silent Reading

*Class Activity:  on a piece of paper, draw what comes to mind after reading the opening of your novel.

■  A scene, character, moment, or event from the story
■ An image or picture that came to mind while you were reading; it
   could be a memory or scene from your life
■  A diagram, flow chart, or map of the story
■  An abstract form that represents a thought or feeling you got from the
    reading—an explosion, a thunderbolt, a pattern, etc.
*Meet back in your group.
-Confirm The Reading Schedule
-Establish roles and and reading necessary for our first discussion which will take place on Tuesday May  7th, 2019.
-Complete Role Sheet for the discussion