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Tuesday November 7th, 2017


*You will have a poetry test in approximately a week…Wednesday November 15th looks like the date so please start preparing.   Study the following:  Poetry terms, name the device (line of poetry and you figure out what device), know how to analyze a poem…and know the poems you have looked at in class so far…

*Inspiration Poems: If you have not yet done so, please post your Inspiration Poem to your blog with the following tag:




Just a heads up…spoken word finals are on Friday December 1st.  Usually class finalists need to be chosen several days before this date.  If you are really ambitious you can start to give this some thought…we will be starting this next week…

-spoken word criteria




-We will be working on Spoken word:  we will look at a few samples of Rants…


Warm up spoken word free write activity:  Practice writing with imagery that includes all five senses.  Students describe an abstract or intangible entity using all senses:  what do they look, sound, smell, taste and feel like?

Examples:  Choose 2 of the following examples and write for five minutes each using imagery/sensory language.

a. homesickness

b. grief

c. love

d. joy

e. emptiness

f.  time

g. envy

h. nature

i. home

j. gravity


If time, start to brainstorm topics for your own spoken word.