Monday October 16th, 2017


Friday, we started our poetry unit by looking at different thoughts on what Poetry means and how to define poetry.

-You will be divided into partners to peer edit your essay. Question for essay:  Compare and/or Contrast Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother and their influence on Charlotte.  At this point your drafts should be complete.


***If you did not have time to finish Friday’s lesson….please do so…

Today we are going to:

-Go over the poetry terms


-Class poem:  Each student must write a line of poetry that contains a poetic device.  We will then put the different lines of poetry together to make a poem…have some fun with it.

*You will add your line of poem to the following Office 365 link (have fun with where you place your line of poetry among your classmates poetic lines:

Class Poem Block A C and D

-Analyzing Poetry


-You will then have time to work on your essays for “The Metaphor”.  At this point you should be working on your good copy of your essay.



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