English 10: Monday October 26th, 2015

Good Morning!

On Thursday , we left off with the class writing a “Love Poem”….the class generated both the ideas that makes a good love poem as well as the criteria for this poem.  It would be nice to hear some of these poems!

-We will look at a picture of two roads going into two different directions and first write our personal thoughts on the picture then discuss the possible meaning of the photo.

-Read aloud the poem “The Road Not Taken” …first write down your own personal thoughts on the poem, then we will share and discuss our thoughts on the poem.

-We will create a three column chart:

“The Road Not Taken” Compare/Contrast “If”

you will need 7 additional rows. Each row is going to represent a number on our “Analyzing Poetry” Sheet…which is numbered 1-7.  You will go through the analyzing poetry sheet doing the analysis for “The Road Not Taken”. Tomorrow we will read, discuss and analyze the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

*Reminder:  Our Poetry Terms Quiz is this Thursday October  29th.

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