English 10: Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

Good Morning!

-Yesterday we worked on the short story “The Chaser”.  We will start today by discussing and going over the questions from the worksheet “The Chaser worksheet” found on sharepoint.

-We are going to start a new short story today: “Harrison Bergeron”. We will read this story aloud as a class.

-Reflection/Discussion Question:  Discuss your ideas for a perfect society. Is it possible to create such a society?

*write down your thought on the above question …be prepared to share your thoughts with the class.

-We will complete a “Short Story Summary” for this short story (found in the short story folder on sharepoint).

-We will watch the movie “2081” which is an adaptation of this short story.  After we watch the movie, we will create a 3 way venn diagram (the third part will be added after:)

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