English 10: Friday September 18th, 2015

Good Morning!

Yesterday you all did a great job working on writing out your draft from you template! We then moved into partners (randomized)…if you were absent, you need to see me to get a partner.  For homework, you were to ensure that the “Peer Edit Review: Sam the Athlete” was complete and emailed to your partner.

-We will start to read “House” by Jane Rule

pre-reading question: “Do you sometimes feel social pressure to conform to society?

-Discuss the story at the end….

-Brainstorm the characteristics of the character “Anna”

-short story summary (found in the short story folder on sharepoint) (and questions “1,3 and 5 for homework (found at the end of the story)

*Reminder:  The persuasive paragraph on “Sam the Athlete” is now due on Monday September 21, 2015.

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