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Tuesday February 24th, 2015

Tuesday February 24th, 2015

-“No Red Ink”:  reminder to hand in if you have not yet done so.

-“The Metaphor”

  • short story summary –go over
  • Venn Diagram:  Comparing Charlotte’s Mother and Ms. Hancock.

-Essay Topic:  Describe Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother and how they influence Charlotte.

  • Sample Essay:  “Uprooting Essay” -writing folder on sharepoint.  This is a good example of structure.  Discuss in class…
  • Essay outline:  Comparison Essay/synthesis essay.  You are responsible for completing the intro and body #1.  We went through the structure of the essay during class. The outline can be found in the writing folder on sharepoint.


  • Complete Intro and Body #1 for tomorrow’s class
  • Short story (Prose Fiction) Terms Quiz on Friday February 27th.