Freedom 18 Response

After talking with my parents, they said that right now I need to focus on school and get good grades. Later, when I have enough experience and education, they will give me money to open my own company where I will be able to do what I want to.


Before I am 18 years old, I think all of my cost will be given by my parents. It will be a lot of money, because it includes tuition fees and living fees. But, I would like to reduce the cost as far as possible which will make it more easy for my parents. I think the amount of my money I will be spending after I graduate from high school will contain a lot of things in life, such as; clothes, food and, video games. If I save all of that money after graduation I would be able to afford more in future.


If I save enough I might be able to open a company. This is also what my parents want me to do.  Finally, my ideal job is to be a well-known designer making a lot of money to be able to afford anything I want.