30 for 30 Broke Reflection

1.What do you think the root of the problem as to why these multi-millionaires are going broke?

Because I think He buy a lot of houses and car, they bought a lot of yachts
They have no plans to manage money. So they will go bankrupt


2.How did sports salaries change in the 1990’s? Explain the term “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Why does that lead to bad money management decisions?

Spend a lot money to buy a car ,clothes ,jewelry and shoes trying to compete with your friends.


3.What money management lessons could the average person learn from these stories?


4.If you were a financial planner, how would you handle a pro athlete’s money?

I will put the athletes money into the bank, with a reasonable way to help them make money


5.What do you think is the worst financial decision some of these athletes made that affected their lives for many years after they lost the majority of their money?


I think the worst financial decisions among these athletes are the unplanned use of money, and after they have lost most of their money, they think about their 20-year life