Current Event Analysis

Summarize the article. Do not copy the news event. This Must be in your own words.

Municipalities lose large amounts of non-tax revenue each year due to the failure to pay fines. According to the resolution When staff renew driver’s license or car insurance,icbc will pay the parking ticket


Answer the following:What is your opinion on the information in the article? What did you learn from the article? What sort of impact would the information article have on your life or on someone whose life it would affect?

I think it’s pretty serious and people would be probably unhappy with it since the government has showed its action of being really strict on this I’ve learned that the provincial government has asked ICBC for help apparently. I don’t think it will have ant impact on me, it will probably influent people who use cars a lot, they will become afraid of parking their cars.

About BC

British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province:Northwest; Washington, Idaho and southern Montana; east Alberta; west of the Pacific.


Physical Geography:British Columbia consists of four natural areas British Columbia is intertwined with lakes, swamps, rivers and streams to support wildlife in large numbers


economic:Emerging industries such as ecotourism, agricultural tourism, film and high technology have become important economic drivers


population:British Columbia’s population is concentrated around Vancouver (2.4 million pop) and Victoria (359,000 pop) cities


Pay It Forward Reflection

Gary zhao Block D                                                                                                                                                                            December 18, 2017


I don’t like the movie that much because in person I like the happy ending in the end of the movie. At the end of the movie the fantastic boy trevor was stabbed by another student. In my oppinion, I was so sad when I was watching it.  Even if that’s it not exactly the happy ending. My favourite scene is that when trevor was still thinking about what his is about to do and he decided not to give up, at that moment, I was moved But I still feel sad that the little boy was hurt to save his classmate

So I don’t like the plot of this movie I feel sorry for the little boy

Canadian Study,Canadian Arctic


  • The Inuit were mainly hunters, and relied heavily on the animals of the Arctic as their main source of food.
  • Since very little vegetation could survive in the Arctic climate

3.Migrating polar bears to Antarctica seems to be a reasonable practice because, after all, polar regions. Polar bears are an endangered species, like the cold weather and the presence of plenty in ice in the environment. With global warming, Antarctica will have two However, Antarctica does not have large terrestrial predators, which may make the polar bears uncomfortable. The polar bears that moved to Antarctica will be mainly eaten with penguins, but this defenseless prey may drop sharply in the near future, and the polar bears will gradually die because there is no food.

4.yes,because I don’t believe at first.



# Canadian study

# Canadian Arctic