Math 10 Week 5

This week I learned how to convert from imperial to metric units that were cubed and squared. I was confused with this until it was explained to me in and the steps were all drawn out for me. So i decided to draw out all the steps for you 🙂

Ex. 2.5 m^2 = _______ ft^2

  1. Use the Conversion Factor to get to cm. * since you are going down the latter you will multiply to get to cm*
  2. When m^2 is on the top and the bottom it will cancel each other out.
  3. Place the exponent outside of the bracket and use the power law.
  4. After you use the Conversion Factor you will have it in cm.
  5. Now convert cm to inches. * We know that there is 2.54cm in 1 inch*
  6. After getting the measurement into inches, use the conversion Factor again to get to feet. * We know there is 12 inches in 1 foot*
  7. Then your measurement will be converted to ft^2

Answer: 2.5 cm^2 = 2.69 ft^2

See below for pictures!

The Metaphor

My family is a black and white piece of artwork on a large wall full of colorful paintings. We are grey trees in a forest full of green. We are islands in the middle of the ocean. We are the instrumentalists in an orchestra playing the wrong notes. But we are a family that manoeuvres through all the impossible expectations of those around us. We are a gaggle that flies high above all the rest and enjoys seeing the imperfections of the world. We make our imperfect music that sounds like the angels to my ears but nails on a chalkboard to you. We are all similar but the difference between us is you see unappealing and we see beauty.