Math 10 Week 3

This week we learned about exponents. I was was having trouble simplifying equations with negative exponents. We ended up going over negative exponents and how to deal with them. You need to make sure you leave all the exponential answers in positive form and to do so you need to…

Vocab: Multiplication Law – Add the exponents when they have the same base. Ex. 5^6\cdot5^2 = 5^8

Division Law – Subtract the exponents when they have the same base. Ex. \frac{5^6}{5^2}5^4

Integral (Negative) Exponent Law – Place the coefficient with the negative exponent on the other side of the division line to make the exponent become positive.


  1. Find all the hidden exponents.
  2. Place all the coefficients with negative exponents on the other side of the divide line and then the exponents will become positive.
  3. Use the multiplication Law
  4. Use the Division Law
  5. Come the two parts
  6. If needed use another Exponent Law.

You have the answer

See Below for Pictures 🙂

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