Textiles/Fashion Design 12

The objectives of this course are:

• To further understand, develop, and apply the major concepts related to more detailed clothing construction.

• To acquire knowledge of clothing design fundamentals and apply them to projects to meet individual needs.

• To generate an awareness of the factors that determine the appropriateness of successful design in apparel and textile products.

• To generate an awareness of the factors that determine a successful design collection and to create an original design collection for a target audience.

• To increase awareness of the economic and environmental influences on clothing decisions.

• To develop skills in designing, restoring, or recycling clothing and textile items.

• To acquire further understandings of the concepts related to fitting standards and pattern alterations in the clothing and fashion industry and apply these concepts to the fit and appearance of a garment.

• To recognize that clothing, fashion, and textile items evolved from culture and reflect the economic, political, and social conditions of the times.

• To create a deeper awareness of textiles used in apparel.

• To explore and practise the fashion design process – from concept, through illustration, to final production.

• To enhance awareness of the careers and opportunities in the fields of clothing, textiles and fashion industries.


Supplies List

Must haves: Suggested Additional Personal supplies:
Sketchbook or folder with blank pages 

Pencil and Eraser

Black fine tipped felt pen

Coloured pencils and/or Coloured markers, (ie “Copic”)

Fabric scissors (sharp) 

Fabric, thread, and notions as needed for designs.

Garment patterns

Used clothing for repurposing

You will be designing and making approximately 3 sewing projects this semester:

1st: Pants or skirt from a commercial pattern – must contain a zipper.

2nd: Make old clothes into new – you will need to supply the old clothes for this “repurposing” project.

3rd: Final sewing project – shirt or blouse from a commercial pattern – must contain button-down front, collar, and cuffed sleeves.

You will also be learning to embroider and will be embroidering a clothing item of your own.

**There is fabric, thread, and notions in the classroom that you are welcome to use, however selection is limited in colours, content, and patterns and textures.

Fabricana, 1348 United Boulevard, Port Coquitlam gives  10% student discounts to Riverside students and they have an incredible assortment of fabrics and supplies. You might choose to purchase fabric, patterns and/or supplies there.

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