Homework Lesson #5 – Mood Board

Mood Boards:

The Mood Board assignment is due March 8.    March 8 is the first day of a “COHORT” schedule.  Please bring your completed mood board to class that day.

Ms. Collins taught “Mood Board Design” interactively in class on Monday/Tuesday at which time you recieved an empty foam board, an interactive mood board experience, and inspiration for your own mood board making.

Please review the  Power Point presentation on “Mood Boards”:

Fashion Mood Boards



  • 2 Fashion croquis drawn by you
  • 2 Flats drawn by you of fashion pieces
  • Between 3 and 5 colour swatches – showing colour scheme for your theme
  • Between 3 and 5 fabric swatches presented artfully
  • Inspirational photos (for example pictures of ocean waves for the design of a dark blue silk gown)
  • Tactile details such as ribbon, jewellery, lace, metal fasteners, etc.
  • Title – what is the name of the theme?
  • Words and phrases that help describe the mood
  • Artful presentation of all elements on the board
  • Well organized presentation of all elements on the board
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