Homework Lesson #3 – Fibres and Fabrics Research

You are to complete 4 hours of homework this week.  The following is your assignment for those 4 hours.

The following is a RESEARCH assignment.  Please complete it by Friday, February 19.

It will be assessed out of 40 marks, one mark for each of the 40 answers.

Fabric is made from a wide variety of fibres and materials.  You are to find out about these various fabric fibres.

Select one animal fibre, one vegetable fibre, one regenerated fibre, AND one synthetic fibre from the list above.

Research answers to the following questions for EACH of the four different kinds of fibres. Do not copy directly from the internet.  Instead, please answer in point form in your OWN WORDS.  Use headings to separate the four different fibres:

1.       Where is the fibre found?
2.       How is the fibre made?
3.       What does the product look like before it is made into fabric?
4.       What does the product look like after it is made into fabric?
5.       What are the benefits of this fibre as a fabric/textile?
6.       What are the drawbacks of this fibre as a fabric/textile?
7.       What kinds of clothing are typically made from this kind of fibre?
8.       What ethical considerations are there about this fibre?
9.       What environmental impacts result from this fibre?
10.   IN YOUR OPINION, is this a fibre you would use frequently in clothing design?  Why or why not?

4 different fibres  X  10 questions for EACH fibre  =       40 marks total

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