#4 – Design a Collection

Homework Lesson #4 – DESIGN A COLLECTION This HOMEWORK is estimated to take you TWO weeks of home time (8 hours).   Each segment or part of this Project has its

#3 – Investigating Fashion

Homework Lesson #3 – Investigating Fast Fashion You are to complete 4 hours of home work this week, for the two days that you are to be at home.  The

#2 – Croquis with Clothing

This assignment is due Friday, Feb 12 or Monday Feb 15, whichever is your alpha day to come to school. This assignment is worth 20 marks (see criteria below). Please

#1 – The Art of Drawing Fashion Design Figures

Textiles 12 – The Art of Drawing Fashion Design Figures – Assignment #1 On whichever day that you are home in the afternoon (Monday or Tuesday), instead of in class