Assignment #3


Metamorphosis is one of many image-making strategies that artists can employ when they are searching their imaginations for an image for artwork.

For this sketchbook assignment you are to select TWO random objects.  You are going to draw FIVE stages of one of the objects transforming, or metamorphosizing into the other.

Step 1: TAPE together  two or three sheets of paper side-by-side so that they fold out from your sketchbook page.  On these fold-out sheets draw FIVE equal rectangles all in a horizontal row.

Step 2: In the first rectangle , and using Pencil realism shading technique, draw the first object as realistically as you can. 

Be sure to shade it using THE ENTIRE VALUE SCALE of shades in your realism drawing (from total white, through to total black):


Step 3: In the LAST rectangle draw the other object as realistically as you can using pencil shading technique.   Again, be sure to use the entire value range in your shading work. (Drawing the other object at this point in the exercise better helps you imagine how the transformation might happen from the first object through to the last).

Step 4:  Now, in the second rectangle you need to draw the first object as you can imagine it would look as it transforms away from the first object’s appearance and having taken on a wee bit of the second object’s form and features.  This is the first stage of the change so the first object is still  quite distinguishable.


Step 5: Draw in the third rectangle how the transformation would appear at the half-way stage of the change.  The object you draw here is half the first and half the second.

Step 6: In the fourth rectangle draw how the object would appear as it is almost transformed fully into the second object.  It should have  just a few features of the first object on it.

Once you have completed the FIVE drawings you want to go back to each one seperately and refine your shading techniques.  Try to shade away the outlines in your drawings – turn the outlines into edges.  If you are not sure what the difference is have a look at this video for a clarification:

That’s it!  When you are finished you should have five drawings side by side showing an imaginary transformational metamorphisis of one object into another:

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. You have selected to draw two random, unrelated objects.  These two objects have not been drawn in a transformation drawing before.
  2. You have drawn FIVE stages of the transformation, as exemplified above.
  3. You have used realism technique the uses the full value scale in every drawing
  4. Outlines in each drawing are shaded away so that shade changes create the edges instead of  outlines
  5. The transformation stages are clear, detailed and believable (in a fantasy kind of way)


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