#7 – Land Art Assignment

Land Art Lesson and Assignment

Time allotted: 2 hours

Due Date: April 19/20

Marks: 25

LAND ART:   A case for PLACE and NATURE in an artwork

What exactly is Land Art?

How does land relate to art in Land Art?

Why would artists want to make Land Art?

How would other people (audience/viewers) view or enjoy Land Art?

What happens to Land Art over time?

Watch the following video to get answers to these questions:


After learning about Land Art generally, you will now be introduced to a very specific Land Artist.

Introducing:  Andy Goldsworthy – Land Artist

Andy Goldsworthy lives in Britain.  He has been creating Land Art for decades.

Please watch this short video of Andy’s work:

What does “ephemeral” mean?

Ephemeral relates directly to Andy Goldsworthy’s art.  What effect does the ephemeral nature of his work have on the artfulness of his work?

In this next video you can see more of his work, and your  homework assignment for the week (Do NOT send your photos of your Land Art to the video website, but instead send it to me, your teacher; or bring the photos to me when you come to class):

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