#4 – Design and Make Three Pieces for a “Dinner Party”

Assignment #4 – Design and Make three pieces of table ware.

Due Tuesday/Wednesday, April 6/7

25 marks per piece  x 3  = 75 marks for the three pieces

You are to honour your artist by creating three pieces of table ware that “represents” him/her.  Here are some student examples:

Cup, soup cup and sugar bowl with spoon

for Andy Warhol

Plate, tray and bowl with spoon

for Keith Haring


Plate, cup and chopsticks holder

for Maud Lewis

Plate, cup and vase

for Pablo Picasso

You are to design and make a THREE -PIECE Place setting that

evokes the presence of the famous artist that you have researched.

The three pieces can be built using ANY clay building technique that you have learned.  EACH piece is to be a unique and representing work of art. They each must connect directly and strongly with the artist.  The more that you know about the artist the better equipped you will be to design three separate and distinct pieces that represent him/her. 


1.Made of clay  (accuracy and complexity of clay building method)


1.Glazed  (accuracy and complexity of glazing method)


1.Clearly representative (readability of your work’s connection to specific artist)


1.Artfully designed (artistic merit of the set of three)

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