#3 – Investigating Fashion

Homework Lesson #3 – Investigating Fast Fashion

You are to complete 4 hours of home work this week, for the two days that you are to be at home.  The following assignment should fill  the 4 hours to complete.

Investigating the “Fast Fashion” Industry – a Research Report for Textiles 12               40 marks

DUE  Friday, February 19  by midnight! Please email a link to your slideshow to Ms. Collins – jacollins@sd43.bc.ca

You are to prepare a slideshow (power point or sway) report about Fast Fashion’s impacts.  Your report needs to include answers to the following questions in your own words.  Point form is fine, but DO NOT COPY DIRECTLY from your sources:

  1. What is “Fast Fashion”? What does the word “Fast” mean and imply? Give examples of what fast fashion looks like in the lives of everyday people;  And Fashion businesses.  What attitudes does the consumer have to make fast fashion happen?
  2. What is a “fashion cycle”? What is a short fashion cycle?  What is a long fashion cycle?  Who determines the short or long fashion cycle? Why is the short cycle so appealing?  Is long or short better? Why?
  3. How does Fast fashion shape social structures such as rich countries and poor countries, and people who work in fashion production ? How is fast fashion produced? What gender makes the majority of clothing? What socio-economic group makes most of the clothing? Where is fast fashion produced?  What are the wages paid to those who make clothing for the fast fashion industry? What are the working conditions for those who work making fast fashion? In your opinion is fast fashion production good or not good for these people who produce it? Explain.
  4. What are the environmental impacts of fast fashion? How does clothing production affect greenhouse gasses? How does clothing production impact clean water?  How does fast fashion impact landfills? Give some statistics.
  5. In your opinion Is fast fashion a problem? For who? Explain.
  6. What are some solutions to the social impacts of fast fashion?
  7. What are some solutions to the environmental impacts of fast fashion?
  8. Cite all of your sources please.

EVALUATION :   Each of the above 8 questions offers a potential mark of 5 for thoroughness of answer.

8 questions x 5 marks  =  40 marks total

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