#2 – Croquis with Clothing

This assignment is due Friday, Feb 12 or Monday Feb 15, whichever is your alpha day to come to school.

This assignment is worth 20 marks (see criteria below).

Please watch the following video on how to draw clothing on a fashion figure. NOTE: When drawing clothing begin first by tracing your fashion figure that you have already drawn. Then add the clothing, as shown in this video:

Your assignment is

  • to create a croquis artwork of a fashion figure wearing either pants or a skirt.
  • The artwork needs to be drawn in pencil, finelined, and then coloured with either pencil crayons, coloured markers, or water colour paints (you choose your favourite medium).
  • Be sure to add wrinkles and shading.
  • Wrap the clothing around the body with curved lines instead of straight ones.
  • Show details of pockets, seams, zippers, etc

This Assignment is DUE Friday or Monday, whichever is your alpha day to come to school.

It is worth 20 marks

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