#1 – Coil Building Assignment

Beginning Coil Building – assignment:

10 Marks   

Due Wednesday morning, March 10. 

Approximate time allotted – 2 hours

Materials needed:  Clay, slip, scratching tool (ie fork or butter knife)

This activity is intended to give you:

-beginning experience with the concept of “Coil Building”, and

-to have you build a bank of “kinds of coil patterns” you can use for the upcoming project


COIL BUILDING involves constructing an object with a variety of assembled clay-built patterns.  Have a look at some examples of assembled clay-built patterns:


For this FIRST ASSIGNMENT you are to:

Create a SAMPLE BOARD that contains 9 different coil pattern designs. The designs do not have to be very large (see the example below), but each needs to be substantial enough to constitute “a pattern”, in other words it needs some repitition.

(Unlike the example below YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LABEL YOU PATTERNS!)



Above is a collection of 9 ideas,  but you should create coil pattern ideas of your own.  Take inspirations from the photos that I have placed in the blog.  Get elaborate and creative.

Take a photo of your 9 ideas and send the photo to my email: jacollins@sd43.bc.ca

so that I may credit you some marks out of the possible 10 total marks available – 1 mark for each of the 9 different coil patterns, and 1 mark for sending it to me 🙂

NOTE: Keep these 9 coil patterns covered with  a plastic bag to keep them wet.  You will reuse the clay from them.

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