Unit #2 – Lesson 6 -“Publishing” Your Book using Power Point video

Now that your book illustrations are complete and your cover design is finished you need to publish.

You are asked to use Power Point to do so, or if you are a Mac user then Mac’s equivalent.  This lesson will instruct you on how to format and publish it into a narrated Power Point slideshow video .

I made my example of a narrated power point storybook and placed it on Teams, the Art 11/12 Team,  in the “files“.  You will have to open your Art 11/12 Team and go to “files” to find it.  It is too large to embed on this blog. Or try this link if you have logged into Office 365 first:


Begin your publishing by opening the slideshow software and laying out the cover on the first slide.

On the second slide, lay your page one i-If it is a singleton then lay it on the slide by itself, on the RIGHT side of the slide.

From there lay two pages side by side – 2&3 together on one slide, 4&5 together on one slide, etc.  This two-pages together layout is so that it will accommodate the double page spreads.  If you do not have any double page spreads then you do have the option of putting each page of the book on its own separate slide. You want to size the artwork so that it fills the slide as much as you can.

Place the text on top of the pictures.  Select the font that you think goes best with the feel of the book.  The font should be consistent in size throughout the book.  It should also be placed where it is easy to read.  If it is on top of illustrations then place it in a space where there is plain blank areas.  Lay all of the text in the book.

Animate – if you want the second page on a slide to flow in after the first then animate the second page on each slide.  This is optional.

Narrate -you need to read your book on the slide show.  Here is an instructional video on how to do this.  It is VERY easy!   (copy and paste the url into your browser).  If you are an SD 43 account then you will have access to it, but you have to have your Office 365 OPEN for this link to work:


Once you have recorded your narration then please export your slideshow/narrated book as a video if you can. (If you can’t manage that do not fret – leave it as a Power Point or slideshow and send it to me).

The video file for it will probably be too large to send it to me through email, so…… you will need to get it to me in a different way.  You might post it on your blog and then Send me the URL link so that I can evaluate your work for this unit.   Or, If you have a gmail account you can put it on Google Docs and share that with me.  Or put it on your Office 365 Sharepoint or Stream it and share it with me.  Or share it with me in some way that you know of.

I would like to be able to share these with elementary school students in SD43, however I require your permission to share them.  I would put your video on STREAM, which is secured and only accessible to SD43 users.  If you agree to give it then please write a permission statement in your email to me and make the shared video downloadable by me.

That’s the final assignment for this unit and this course.  This needs to be submitted NO LATER than JUNE 17 to be included in your Art course final grade.





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