Unit #4 – Lesson 1- The Principle of Pattern

In this unit you will explore PATTERNING as one of the essential Principles of Art and Design, and as  an aspect of image development.

Pattern is the repetition of a specific visual element.

Pattern is the “skeleton” that organises the parts of a composition.

Patterns have been passed down through cultures as traditions.

Patterns sooth the viewer’s brain, but they also sooth the artist’s brain when making patterns in their art.


As an introduction to patterns, and as an opportunity to experience the brain soothing power of pattern-making your first assignment is to complete a pattern piece inspired by the following video:

Plese complete a “Zentangle Meditative drawing” in your sketchbook.

Give it some colour.

Email me a photo of the work completed.  It’s due Thursday, June 4.


**  Please note that all Art 10 assignments need to be submitted no later than June 18 to be counted toward this course final mark  **.



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